Client: AFF Brand: AFF Beverage Sector Services: Social Service for 2 years 2017 - 2018


  • - Create the social cooperate page to build brand awareness among TA about AFF beverage prenium brands
  • - Consult TA the reason to purchase.


  • - Generated the hidden F&B blogger which having the real lifestyle 
  • - The products/ brand will be appeared on pieces of life content of the F&B blogger.
  • - Fan considered An Nam as a real person and natural engage with page.

Client: SUNTORY PEPSICO Brand: SUNTORY PEPSICO Services: Social Service


  • - Develop the social strategy and content to spread out the new concept of Pepsi Tet "Cam On Nguoi Trao Tet Sum Vay"

  • - Social booking and managing the SOV on social


  • - Top social campaign on social buzz metric 2017.

Client: GMV Brand: CHEVROLET Services: Red Carpet Agency is social retainer agency for all social activites of General Motors Vietnam in 2017 - 2018


  • - Manage fanpage under the global tracking platform.

  • - 3 hours response fan.


  • - Always achieved the KPI.